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As a real estate agent I know that the name of the game with listings is traffic. As a photographer who has shot over 800 listings I know that quality home staging is the first step to an effective marketing campaign. Even if increased traffic doesn’t outright sell the listing, more agents going thru gives my seller valuable and consistent feedback they are more apt to listen to from qualified buyers.

Staging should then be be approached from a buyers perspective. They are looking to see the potential of a home without the clutter. Often when a homes is graciously staged a buyer will ask to purchase the furniture or for a recommendation to buy similar furnishings. The general philosophy is that most buyers need a little help to see their lifestyle in a listing space. No furniture will lose many buyers while too much will also drive potential customers away. There are 4 different solutions for adding staging to a listing.

1. Seller’s Furniture
Treat sellers furnishings as staging. Be sure to thin out and declutter prior to pictures/listing. May want to hire a professional home stager for consultation on accents and decluttering… definitely worth the price.

2. Agent Staging
Often not style/color coordinated for the listing. Difficult for agent; however, cost effective for the seller and agent.

3. Professional Staging
The best option for a professional look. Highly effective, but not always within the seller’s budget. If home does not sell right away there may be additional furniture rental charges from staging company.Kitchen Virtual Home Staging

4. Virtual Staging
Another excellent option to increase traffic. Cost effective for seller or agent, but should be explained to buyers during showing and in MLS remarks.

One staging option does not clearly stand out for every seller. Balance budget, availability and goals when recommending staging alternatives to your seller!