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Staging Pads Virtual Staging coming soon. Staging Pads is refining the last pieces to be able to offer agents a complete package for their MLS listings
1. Virtual Staging. Crisp looking furniture for your empty listings at a fraction of the cost of traditional staging allows you to focus your energies on marketing and listings.

2. We repair all your images with our Photo Repair service prior to you listing it on the MLS. Send us 5 pics to repair for free to try it out.

3. Virtual Staging. Staging Pads sister company, Virtual Tour Club has been serving the real estate community for several years with real estate photography and virtual tours. We will continue our trademark Photo Repair Virtual Tour for agents nationally.

4. We have aligned ourselved with a top web development for a search engine friendly website for your listings. Rise to the top of the internet food chain with a complete website for your listings.

Best of all, these are all available in our Complete Listing Package product giving you an unbeatable listing package to show your buyers. New York Virtual Staging

One such option is virtual staging. Know for its affordable way to show buyers what a home could like like, virtual staging is gaining ground in tech-rich states such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.
It’s a lot more bang for your buck since buyers start their home search online, a well staged and professionally photographed home will grab buyers attention in the MLS. Buyers appreciate MLS comments such as “Home Virtually Staged.” Some agents even include pre and post staged shots in the MLS. This allows sellers to make an empty home look great on a budget… typically $60-80 per room in many cases.
Staging Pads is preparing to go public in May 2013 and will offer a complete listing package with virtual staging, virtual tours, MLS picture repair and property websites.