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Virtual Staging – Keeping it Simple

When people ask me how much furniture I use in virtual staging, it is just enough to get a buyer thinking about how THEIR furniture will work in the same space.

Virtual Staging – How Much Should You Stage?

How much is the right amount to virtually stage? Keep it simple so that the viewer does not even think about the furniture, but rather the space and how it might look with their furniture in the space. This leads to increased quality showings and closings.

Virtual Staging and Sky Replacement

Subscribe: Marketing Homes Blog Staging Pads Website    Sampler    Sandbox  Email: jim@stagingpads.com  Contact: (800) 894-7033 Sky replacement is becoming more popular in the real estate photography world. Let’s face it, a rainy day can ruin a seller, agent and photographer’s plans for even the best well-staged shoot! No problem with sky replacement. This should always be […]

Virtual Home Staging Tips

When adding virtual staging to a room with glass or mirrors don’t forget to add shadows and reflections as needed to make it more realistic.

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