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Sky replacement is becoming more popular in the real estate photography world. Let’s face it, a rainy day can ruin a seller, agent and photographer’s plans for even the best well-staged shoot! No problem with sky replacement.

This should always be an option for virtual staging professionals. There are some great tutorials online. I found this easy to follow video on YouTube for Photo Shop 5.

When making decisions on sky replacement it is important to keep the sky appropriate with the use. A blue sky will always be OK to use for MLS purposes. The sky replacement I used below was for a builder in a sub-division that has these views. While this home is NOT for sale, it shows their last build on the opposite side of the street where there are no mountain views. Because it shows the area and the builder’s design style it will be OK to use. I also finished the landscaping going into the neighbor’s yard.

Using sky replacement to add a neutral sky design behind a house will direct a buyers attention to the home design. You should not however touch up a house, landscaping or anything that will convey with the home.

Virtual staging sky replacement

Virtual Staging Sky Replacement