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People often ask “how much furniture do you put in when you virtually stage?” Answer, not much… problem with MOST homes is there is so much STUFF that buyers can’t wrap their heads around how their furniture will work in the space. Staging should keep it simple.

Furniture should be regional, fit the style of the home and be consistent throughout the home.

Let’s keep in mind the end goal of virtual staging – get more people to look at the house. Once there, the house and price needs to sell it. Virtual staging is simply a tool to help get people in the home by helping buyers to see what the home may look like once furnished. But let’s not clutter. I have seen virtual staging that covers up a fireplace or has the back of a couch to the front of the room. Also pictures that cover up the middle of the room can often be considered cluttered.

As a real estate photographer I generally spend more than half the shoot restaging and turning on all lights. So getting the picture right… wide-angle of walls, lights all on, no glare from windows will make a stager’s job much easier.

So when people ask me how much furniture I use, it is just enough to get a buyer thinking about how THEIR furniture will work in the same space.

keep virtual staging simple