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In trying to sell homes, using multiple senses in a listing will help draw sellers in.

Five star hotels uses flutes through the overhead speakers, incense, fresh tea with lemon and beautiful statues and decor… all before you give your American Express card at the front desk. So when showing a house in person, you can accomplish much of the same with soft music, a candle, soft lights and fresh baked cookies to give a “welcome home” feel.

But what about online where viewers are screening real estate search engines? You only have two senses available to use: sight and sound. An empty house is typically harder to get showings in.

Virtual staging is one solution for the budget minded seller that cannot afford a professional home stager. Pictures can look great online and will bring more showings. There are full-serve virtual stagers as well as self-serve staging platforms for people that want to try their own talents out and save even more money on staging. Try it out for your next vacant listing with Staging Pads virtual staging.