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On our last blog we announced that Staging Pads is now a distributor and training company for Visual Stager. Using this online platform visitors can easily stage their own pictures for clients or their own projects.

Enter SocialStager – the perfect real estate partner for MLS virtual media. This is groundbreaking technology at its best! After you have staged a house, SocialStager allows you to share an interactive tour with home-buyers who will see what you have staged, and then they can interactively rearrange the furniture, add/remove – and then share their results with their friends and family on twitter, facebook and pinterest.

Getting buyers interactively playing with rooms in a house online will lead to more showings. Many MLS tours will syndicate to highly-used real estate search engines such as Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com, just to name a few. We can only imagine buyers using their iPads to bring furniture into a tour to bring interactive energy to any listing.

Staging Pads can help you get started with SocialStager.