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Realtors® have a huge challenge working with sellers that have moved out of the property, often upside down. In an ideal world every house would get the professional staging and photography package it deserves. Homes that benefit from great location and good pricing don’t need much help. The other 80% of homes however need to catch the eye of the 92% of buyers starting their shopping process online looking at pictures.

Passing by houses is as quick as the click of a mouse. One Saturday, just as an exercise, spend an hour looking though homes in your area and see how many pics you can look at in an hour. For the average house surfer, it is well over a thousand. Buyers love virtual tours on the real estate search engines like, Zillow, Trulia, and the MLS. Not the spinning kind… a real tour with great pics and music. The idea is to involve the 2 senses that can be used online as interactively as possible.

Staging Pads has found just such a platform with VisualStager. A new groundbreaking technology that allows viewers to move the furniture around, add and delete staging directly within the tour of the home. This works for homes that have had virtual staging added to the pictures. It is useful for homes that are vacant and have good pictures to have virtual staging added to.

Even better, the software is so easy to use that most anybody can do the staging using the platform. Try it by clicking on the pictures below and see how easy it is to become engaged in a home tour and try one for your next vacant listing.