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The quality of home pictures, tours and staging often determine the amount of showings a listing will receive.

Virtual Staging has the potential when combined with professional photography to increase showings in excess of 30%. Virtual staging and tours only look as good as the initial pictures. We have all seen great listings that should have multiple offers but instead don’t get a second look because of bad marketing photos.

Combine professional staging and photos to increase showings. Virtual staging works well for vacant and cluttered listings. Now with self-serve virtual staging platforms it is affordable to make rooms look like a model by adding furniture to vacant room pictures. Use the listing pictures in all your home marketing, tours and even create an interactive web page allowing viewers to add, delete and move staging around within the image.

The key is helping buyers envision a space with their furnishings, and if you can do that before they see the home you will increase your chances of an offer. Staging Pads can help you accomplish this starting with your next vacant listing!