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Visual Staging has just become affordable for residential property management companies looking to make a better online impression. 

Although virtual staging has been going on for nearly a decade, at about $75 per picture it is out of range for most property management companies looking to beef up their pictures. Recently, VisualStager, the premier self-serve virtual staging company made their virtual 3D furniture library available to people wanting to stage their own house pictures.

The images are realistic and can be inserted into virtual tours that are interactive, allowing viewers to add, delete and move furniture around within the picture. They can post these tours on their websites giving  viewers a fun and interactive experience with their next rental. Their is a wide variety of furniture for million dollar homes in Manhattan or apartment rooms.

VisualStager is becoming the self-serve company of choice for real estate companies from Los Angeles to New York. The platform is intuitive and creates a stage jpeg that can be used in the marketing pictures. Property management companies can  designate an administrative assistant to stage new listings before they are listed online.

VisualStager gives you a free account that lets viewers experiment with mock rooms as well as import and stage one picture for free. Pictures can be staged for as little as $10 each. Try it out here on VisualStager’s sandbox!