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Virtually Staging narrow rooms

With all the blogging I have done about virtual staging, I haven’t shown one of the most powerful and diverse uses that DIY staging software offers – staging a room for different uses.  Home staging cannot show this feature, while full-serve virtual staging companies will charge you to stage the room twice.

VisualStager software however will let you change the look of a room, save and download the picture endless times with no extra staging fee. If you want to save both pictures on the virtual staging platform there is a $1 fee to restage the same picture and save the editing capability of each one.

This is huge for realtors® that want to show a bedroom/office or den/media room combination. As a virtual stager the number one request we have is to be able to show different styles for a room. This agent wanted to show this very tight narrow room as a living room with an upright piano, and then again as an office. Virtually Staging narrow rooms

As you are preparing the marketing for your MLS listing start thinking outside the box. How many times have you seen listings that show five views of the same room? Boring! At what point does a viewer click out of that? You should actually not show multiple views of the same room but rather, keep moving the viewer through the home. One way to do this with smaller homes, or vacant ones is to switch up the possibilities within the same room.

As a real estate photographer in Albuquerque, I always tell agents to have one picture of the front, one closeup of a courtyard and get viewers in the house on picture three. The first 6-7 pictures had better show viewers the best rooms in the house. Do not show six views of the kitchen. You can show close up shots of different areas within a space however. Showing repeat shots of the same room IS THE biggest mistake I see on the MLS. As a photographer I may deliver five shots of the living room, and 90% of the agents will put all five of them in the MLS – one after another losing viewers after the second one.

So this staging will allow you to give different views and uses of the same room adding more interaction and interest in home showings.

For more info on staging these yourself visit our DIY virtual staging site.

Jim Gross - virtual stagingJim Gross

Author and owner of Staging Pads and national distribution and training for VisualStager