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Virtually Staged Kitchen

DIY virtual staging technology is gaining traction in the real estate industry as broker’s look to technology to win listings.

Furniture companies are beginning to make 3D samples on their sites. They generally show 3-4 views of a piece of furniture. Companies that have the software to sample and  complete the views can create a true 3D piece that can be rotated 360 degrees. Then lighting and shadows are added to give the furniture a realistic look.

What remains is the need for a platform that can straighten, calibrate rooms, position and rotate furniture within a picture.

All this technical background on how virtual staging is just to give you a glimpse behind the scenes. Until recently the 3D models available on-line were limited sometimes to unrealistic looking furniture. That is all about to change!

We will be adding 100’s of pieces of furniture over the next months. We are releasing many new pieces this week in several categories.

Please let us know if there are specific categories or styles of furniture pieces that you would like to have added. As we are able to locate them from 3D online stores we will be adding them to VisualStager. Sign up here to try it yourself for free.

Jim Gross - virtual stagingJim Gross

Author and owner of Staging Pads and national distribution and training for VisualStager