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virtually staged dining room

As a realtor® in New Mexico I have learned that helping sellers figure out ways to minimize unexpected financial pain results in happy sellers.

Home staging is one of these costs that, while we know sell listings, may not be well received by  strapped home owners that are moving furniture out of their home. I always start by offering professional staging as it presents a home in the best light. If the home owner does not have a good budget for that, I can offer virtual staging at no cost to the seller and use a DIY platform to add it to the real estate photos.

As a real estate photographer I also can make this technology available to professional photographers and agents looking for a polished look to their MLS listings. DIY Virtual staging is reaching a high-level of quality making it affordable for agents to offer as an add-on service.

Brokers using this DIY staging software can also make extra income by helping co-workers with vacant listings. This is a great business plan for property managers, builders and stagers who have access to vacant home pictures.

Let’s look at the possible streams of revenue that virtual staging can offer most anybody in the housing industry:

  1. Property managers, apartments often have vacant or poorly staged models and many don’t have models as they need to rent at 100% occupancy. Offering staging to property management companies for each time an apartment is renovated will keep fresh listings moving online where future tenants are looking.
  2. Real estate agents using DIY virtual staging software can use this technology to set themselves apart at listing appointments. They can also charge the co-workers to help make their vacant home pics look better for the MLS.
  3. Photographers can have a field day with virtual staging as they have access to the photos of vacant rooms. It makes a natural add-on service for them to offer.
  4. Home stagers would prefer to sell actual furniture staging contracts; however, if a seller is going to walk due to cost they can make and extra $300-$500 without moving a stick of furniture.
  5. Builders are definitely in need a internet staging for their models. National builders generally stage out their main models but often do not have budgets at the regional level. This is a great niche for virtual staging that can be seen online.
  6. FSBO’s They often don’t realize they are missing out on the professional assistance of an agent. They are typically open to any ideas to help their home sell – especially if it does not cost much money.  This is really just the beginning of the enormous housing industry list that can benefit from virtual staging. I can think of many more – how about you? If you are interested in getting into the virtual staging business… I can help with that, and put virtual staging software in your hands to begin playing with for free. Just send me a note!

Jim Gross - virtual stagingJim Gross

Author and owner of Staging Pads and national distribution and training for VisualStager