FAQ’s about TrilogyVR and the EZListings app


  1. What does the EZListings™ app include? This smart phone app is supported in both iOS and Android and is a free download (Prototype coming in 2018). For a complete list please visit the products page.

  2. How does the community work? It is made up of groups that people can establish and join. The aim is product knowledge, referrals and opportunities to view listings. Users will be able to share tours and listings created with the EZListings™ App. As an example, it may be a group within the same town of property managers or real estate agents sharing a VR Tour with other agents from the same company.

  3. Is TrilogyVR used for gaming? The design of Trilogy at this point is to be used exclusively for business… although we are still defining the business types that will make up the communities.

  4.  If the download is free why is there a cost to check out of a project? All the paid projects are fully hosted on our servers for a year, allowing for editing and live-hosted tours. We have a pro-use fee to continue support, development and daily operation of the platform with no advertising.

  5. What happens if the fee is not paid at check-out? The pictures, story board and files may be stored on your phone (not on our servers), but tours, virtual reality and other professional features will not operate outside of the phone nor be shareable.

  6. What is the guarantee? We will always offer a full unconditional guarantee! We will happily issue a refund within the U.S. Of course we would love the opportunity to assist with the app and help create a winning listing!

  7. How Can I Become a Partner? We are offering partnerships for investors to help develop the EZListings prototype. If you would like to consider becoming a partner please call or email us at Jim@Trilogyvr.com for details.

  8. When is the projected release date for EZListings™? Currently we are looking at an early prototype in 2018 and will open up beta testing shortly after our development 1 phase.

  9. How are the tours organized? There is a master story board where users can move pictures around with their touch screen and then hit save. Flyer pictures are created from the first four pictures on the story board.

  10. Why does the app ask for agent personal data? Like all virtual tour companies that produce branded and non-branded versions specifically for the MLS, the branded version requires all this info so that tours have your contact info.

  11. Do we share any of the contact info entered in the app? NO, that is spam and it is wrong. Your contact info, however will play on the branded tour versions like they will in any branded virtual tour. Also, we try to include enough data to make it legal with all the MLS systems. We will also always include a non-branded version to use for MLS systems that require no branding in the tours or pictures. Branded versions will be shared with the community to increase industry networking; however, you can always opt out of community sharing in the Settings Tab.

  12. What is the best way to use the EZListings™ App? There are two modules: 1. Play and 2. Design. Choose the one you are looking to use. The Toolkit in the top left corner will have all the features in a general order that most users utilize. There is a back button in the top left corner. The Settings Tab is a great place to opt in/out of the community (if you opt out then your tours are not shared). Also a great place to add your contact data so you do not have to do it while creating the project in the field.

  13. How do copyrights work? If you take the pictures on your phone as this app is designed, you are the copyright owner of anything produced within the app. If you import photos, you should own them or make sure to get written permission from the copyright owner. Any music we use in our tours we have purchased from production music sites. Currently music decisions are made automatically within the app from our music library.

  14. What are the terms and conditions and where can I find them? Coming Soon!

  15. Where can I reach a real person? Our phone number is 800-894-7033. Email us at Jim@TrilogyVR.com. For more complete information including address please visit our contact page.

  16. Will you have a monthly unlimited fee available for large users? Yes we will! It will be a great deal and available per phone user.

  17. Will white-labeling be available for large accounts? Absolutely, we will be contacting major real estate and property management companies about branding the app for your teams. Of course, if you want to contact us about it before we reach out to you… we would appreciate that.

  18. Are you looking for investors? Actually we are in the initial Stage 1 and are looking for investors. If you would like to learn more about partnerships or investing please contact Jim at jim@trilogyvr.com.

  19. How can real estate photographers, stagers and other professionals use this. We are developing a pro-version that will have a computer platform and a high-end look for professionals that want to upload photos from their pro gear into the platform. It too will work in a 360 VR format.

  20. Can you tell us more about the down-line features such as virtual staging, floor plans and 360 VR drones? Sure, in order to properly and easily use these features in a cell phone, the phone must be able to measure elements such as height and depth of a space. Thanks to ground-breaking ideas such as Google Tango this technology is now being developed. We are working along side tech companies to develop these two features into a phone based app as early as 2018. Drones…. yes, we are working to allow users to have their smart phone app record 360 from the air as well as the ground and play it in a VR format for viewers.

    The technology is all here… we are bundling it for you in one easy-to-use app! Contact us for more info at 800-894-7033  Email: Jim@TrilogyVR.com